Enforcement of Settlement Agreements

1. What is the legal standard to change the terms of a PSA? In New Jersey a “change in circumstances” can constitute grounds to try to increase, decrease, or terminate  child support or an alimony award. Moreover, a “change of circumstances” can also constitute grounds to change the terms of a parenting plan or any […]

Payment of Medical Expenses for the Children

1. My wife is requesting that I pay for more than three thousand dollars worth of past medical expenses for the children. She has filed the motion and she is seeking “blood” from me. Will the judge require me to pay for these medical bills even though I was never consulted about them? In the […]

Engagement Rings and Divorce

1. I just broke up with my fiancee. He gave me a $10,000 engagement ring. Do I now have to give the ring back to my former rotten fiancee? Yes, you are legally required to give the ring back to your boyfriend. An engagement ring is not an asset subject to equitable distribution because it […]

Does a Career Change Constitute a “Change of Circumstances” to Justify a Reduction in Child Support and/or Alimony?

1. Does a career change constitute a “change of circumstances” to justify a reduction of child support and/or alimony? This is a very difficult question, and the answer it would most likely depend on the individual judge that handles your Lepis motion. Moreover, you will have to provide a real concrete explanation why you are […]

Appealing an Alimony Award

1. I have just finished my divorce trial, and the court issued a judgment of divorce that gave my wife $500 per week in alimony. I am really crushed and I have to appeal because I don’ t want to have to live in a shack. What is the legal standard to appeal an alimony […]

Does income averaging work when determining an alimony award?

1. I am a stock broker and I was recently divorced. At the divorce trial, the judge averaged my yearly income and then used the mean average to set a ridiculously high alimony award. Now two years later my yearly income has been slashed in half. Is the concept of income averaging a fair and […]

The Bad Economy is Forcing Many Divorced Spouses to Try to Reduce Their Alimony and Child Support Payments.

1. Is the bad economy forcing any divorced spouses to try to reduce their child support and alimony payments? Absolutely. In this day and age the family courts are swamped with Lepis motions that are requesting to reduce alimony and child support payments. When a couple reaches a divorce agreement, they are hopeful that after […]

Seven Tips for Trying to Reduce Alimony in this Economic Meltdown

If you listen to the news, then you are constantly hearing about how the banks have failed, the stock market has crashed, people have lost one half of their retirement savings, and how the auto industry is dying. However, unfortunately you don’t hear all that often as to how the economic meltdown is wreaking havoc […]

Is there still a legal right to the triennial review of child support?

1. My child support was last determined in 2002, I heard that I have a right to have it reviewed again after three years? Maybe, the key issue is whether your child support was paid by your husband directly to you, or collected by probation. If your child support is collected by probation then you […]