What is the Early Settlement Program (ESP) All About?

1. What is the ESP? The early settlement panel is an alternative dispute resolution program. The goal of the early settlement program is as the name implies to try to have the parties reach a settlement of the issues in dispute between you and your spouse as soon as possible and in the most efficient […]

Some Helpful Tips on Reducing Your Child Support/Alimony Payments in these Hard Times

1. What are my chances of success if I file a motion for a reduction of my child support and/or alimony? The economy is terrible in New Jersey. Businesses are leaving the Garden State in droves. What happened to all of the factories in New Jersey? Maybe globalization was not such a great idea? What […]

What is an Appeal All About?

1. What is the appeal process all about? Most people appeal their case because they simply are unhappy with the judge’s decision and they want a do over. However, it is important to emphasize that just because you are unhappy with the judge’s decision this is not enough to justify filing an appeal. 2. Where […]

An Intro Guide on Divorce and Separation

1. What is a legal separation? Technically, there is no such “animal” in New Jersey called a legal separation. Some states have legal proceedings that are tantamount to a legal separation. However, New Jersey does not have a separation docket classification or case track for legal separations. A separation simply means that you and your […]
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