How Does the Family Court Determine Alimony?

What are the major factors that the court takes into consideration when it determines an alimony award? A. Ability to Pay The most important consideration when determining a person’s alimony obligation is his ability to pay alimony. The court carefully reviews the payor spouse’s gross income. Moreover, the court will then subtract all mandatory deductions […]

Don’t Let Your Divorce Ruin Your Credit Report!

What steps can I take to ensure that my divorce does not ruin my credit report? The credit card companies are not interested in how assets, homes, and the bills are divided during a divorce case. Credit card companies have only one objective and that is to be paid! If you have  joint credit card […]

Cohabitation Agreements are Becoming an Explosive Trend

1. Why are cohabitation agreements becoming an explosive trend? Prenups are not just for married people anymore. As more and more young couples move in with each other, many are now negotiating agreements that are referred to as dating prenups. These legal documents are also legally known as cohabitation agreements or “cohabs.” These type of […]

Don’t File Your Divorce as an Airhead

1. Why is it important to be fully knowledgeable of your family’s financial picture before you file for divorce? Do you know how much your mortgage payment is each month? Do you know what bank holds your mortgage? Is your husband’s life insurance policy current and up to date? Who are the beneficiaries named on […]

Protecting Family Heirlooms and Other Assets in a Divorce

1. How can I protect my family heirlooms in a divorce case? The answer to your question depends upon what type of assets are at issue, when and how they were acquired, and whether or not your spouse played any part in any increase in their value. In New Jersey all property, except for gifts and […]

The Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey

1. How long do I have to live in New Jersey before I can file for divorce here? It is important to be educated on the fact that with only one exception, a complaint for divorce cannot be filed in New Jersey, unless one of the spouses has been a resident of New Jersey for at […]

Paying Support for Children Once They Turn 18

1. I am a divorced father of an eighteen-year son who now lives in New Jersey. I used to live in New Jersey. However, I moved to Texas once I split from my ex-wife. I now pay a $150 per week New Jersey child support order. In Texas child support ends when the child reaches […]

The New Jersey Divorce Process in the “Real World”

1. Can you please provide me with a “quickie” overview of the New Jersey divorce process? All divorce cases are different and each one has different legal issues and twists. Some divorces are routine and ceremonial. However, more often than not your divorce case can be your own unique and individual nightmare. On a serious note […]
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