Alimony Reduction Motions are Decided on a Case-by-Case Basis

1. How are alimony reduction motions usually decided? It is very important to emphasize that alimony reduction motions are decided on a case by case basis. This legal concept often makes many litigants very upset and some even enraged. Your case could be exactly like your neighbor’s case who had his alimony terminated. However, you […]

Reducing Alimony Because of Disabililty / Illness

1. What happens when a payor/spouse becomes disabled and he is no longer financially able to pay his alimony payments? If you can’t work the same job and if make the same income that you used earn, then you can file a motion to reduce/terminate your alimony payments because of illness or disability. Illness and […]

Reducing/Terminating Alimony Based on the Grounds of Inheritance

1. I am paying my ex-wife $300 per week for permanent alimony. My former father-in-law has just died, and he will bequeath to my former wife approximately $500,000. Can my ex-wife’s inheritance be legal grounds to reduce/terminate my alimony payments? Yes, if you review New Jersey case law it is clear that if a dependent […]

The Divorce Discovery Process

1. What is the discovery process in a divorce? Basically it is the exchange of all of the financial information between the spouses. After the divorce case is filed the case will then be assigned a track. This simply means that the court will give the parties the case a certain amount of time to […]

Reducing Child Support and Alimony Because of the the Recession

1. I can’t afford to live any more because of my outrageous child support and alimony payments. Can I file a motion to reduce/terminate my support payments based on the recession? What happens if the New Jersey family court has ordered you to make child support and/or alimony payments and you no can longer possibly […]

Some Helpful Advice on Reducing Alimony

1. How can the recession improve my chances to reduce/eliminate my alimony payments? Massive job losses and pay cuts have caused many divorced men to file a record amount of motions to reduce or even terminate their alimony payments. The new reality is that the economy has collapsed, and now many divorced men simply can’t […]
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