Emancipation Motions and Middlesex County College

1. Will a parent’s child support obligations end if the child is attending  or enrolled in the Middlesex County  College? Parents have both a moral and legal obligation to financially support their child from the moment that child is born until that child becomes emancipated. In simple terms emancipation is defined as the time when […]

Domestic “Contretemps” Are Not Domestic Violence

1. Are domestic contretemps a type of domestic violence? A major issue in many domestic violence cases is whether ordinary family arguing and fighting constitutes harassment under the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. The vast majority of DV cases are based under the charge of simple harassment. As explained in my other articles domestic […]

College Saving Plans and Divorce

1. What is a 529 plan? A 529 plan is simply a tax deferred college savings plan. The number 529 refers to the section of the IRS code that has established college savings plans. A 529 plan is a tax-free account that can be established up for the benefit of a child. When the time […]
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