Emancipation Because of Poor Grades

1. Can I emancipate my child because he is “bombing out” of community college with poor grades? A very common scenario is when child starts bombing out of community college or a four-year college, and then noncustodial parents then wants to try to emancipate the child. Thus, the vexing issue is whether a noncustodial parent […]

Retroactive College Contribution

Retroactive College Contribution 1. Are there legal grounds to file a motion for retroactive college contribution? This is a great issue that arises in most college contribution motions. In many college contribution cases they really turn into a massive civil litigation with “big bucks” on the line. Quite often the divorced father has moved on […]

When Should You File a Motion for College Contribution?

Any motion for college contribution  should be filed before your child starts college. This is a “no brainer.” In the recent seminal case of Gac v. Gac, 186 N.J. 535 (2006), the noncustodial parent was not consulted as to the selection of a college, or as to how the tuition and room and board for […]

Settlement Agreements on the Issue of College Contribution

Can the parties agree by way of settlement for the payment of college? The parties can always agree by way of a settlement agreement or via a consent order to fix the payment arrangement for college expenses. In the world of your local family court the constant mantra is always to try to settle your […]
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