The Enforcement of Mediation Agreements

1. What are the pros and cons of mediation? Mediation is all of the rage in family court these days. However, in my professional opinion mediation is very over rated. There are basically several types of mediation. If you are getting divorced, and if you get to settle your case at the ESP, then the […]

Is the GPS Tracking of a Cheating Spouse an Invasion of Privacy?

1. Can I track my cheating ex-wife with a GPS or some other type of hi-tech gizmo? The answer to this question is a very “grey” maybe. Technically, a legal argument can be made after reviewing current case law that you can legally place a GPS on your spouse’s vehicle and spy on her. Nonetheless, […]

FERPA and College Contribution

1. My son has refused to provide me with a copy of his grades/transcript from the Middlesex County College. Do I still have to pay for child support and college contribution if my son refuses to give me a copy of his grades/college transcript? New Jersey divorced parents who help pay for their child’s college […]

What Constitutes Full-Time College Enrollment/Attendance?

What Constitutes Full-Time College Enrollment? 1. How do the courts defense full-time college enrollment? In the world of family court, a common issue is whether “sonny boy” or your daughter is a full time student. This question often becomes a game of “cat and mouse.” If your child is a full time student then you […]
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