Collecting Child Support: Making Sure the Child Support Gets Paid

1. My ex-husband is a dead beat and he owes me $15,000 in back child support arrears. What are my legal rights to try to collect these monies that are rightfully due to me? Collecting child support in these hard economic times is no easy feat. Many child support “deadbeats” beats simply do not pay […]

Helpful Tips on Separation Agreements

1. I can’t stand my husband anymore! However, I am not that I want to get a divorce. Can I file for a legal separation in New Jersey? Unfortunately, there is no such type of a case that provides for a legal separation in New Jersey. However, if you and your husband are not ready […]

Calculating Income for Child Support

1. What type of income is child support based on? The New Jersey Court Rules provide that any child support award is based upon net income. Net income is defined as gross income less any taxes and other expenses. The key issue in many family law cases is what other expenses does the court accept […]

Committing Wiretap Fraud on Your Spouse

Committing Wiretap Fraud on Your Spouse 1. Can I commit wiretap fraud on my spouse if I snoop/hack into his computer? Yes, a spouse can certainly commit the offense of wiretap fraud against each one another. If you illegally access your spouse’s e-mails by hacking their PIN number or password, but without his or her permission, […]

The Enforcement of Mediation Agreements

1. What are the pros and cons of mediation? Mediation is all of the rage in family court these days. However, in my professional opinion mediation is very over rated. There are basically several types of mediation. If you are getting divorced, and if you get to settle your case at the ESP, then the […]

Child Removal Issues

1. I have been divorced for five years, and I want to move to another state. I can’t stand New Jersey any longer! What are the requirements to permit me to move away and escape from New Jersey? A custodial parent(s) may only relocate if he or she has the consent of the former spouse. […]

What are the Different Types of Alimony in New Jersey?

1. How many different types of alimony are there in New Jersey? There are four different types of alimony in New Jersey, and they are classified as limited duration alimony, rehabilitative alimony, reimbursement alimony and open durational alimony. The primary purpose of alimony is to permit one spouse, typically the spouse with lesser earnings or […]

Can I move out of New Jersey with my child(ren)?

1. I am a divorced mother with two children. I can’t stand New Jersey anymore, and I want to move to North Carolina. What steps am I required to take to move out of this “rat trap” of a state? If a custodial parent wants to move out of New Jersey with a child(ren) there […]

The Five Types of Alimony

1. What are the different types of alimony? If you are getting divorced in New Jersey, then alimony could soon be one of your biggest headaches. There are five types of alimony. In this article, I will provide you with an overview of each type of alimony. Alimony is also commonly referred to as spousal […]

When does open durational alimony ever end?

1. I have been paying open durational alimony forever. When is “enough is enough?” The area of alimony is perhaps the most emotional issue in the field of family law. Open durational alimony has replaced the option for permanent spousal support in New Jersey. This is typically only granted to married couples that were married […]

How to Fight a New Jersey Removal Case

1. I have been divorced for five years, and my ex-wife wants to move to another state. Can I block my ex-wife from moving out of New Jersey with my two kids? In this day and age, it is reality that many people hate to live in New Jersey. In my opinion the major reason […]

Custody and Visitation Rights FAQ’s

1. What are the different types of custody? Custody can be divided up into two parts, legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody means that the parent has the ability to make the major decisions about the child’s health, education, safety and welfare. Physical custody refers to which parent the child lives with. 2. What […]

New Jersey Divorce Guide

1. Can you please provide me with an overview of the New Jersey divorce process? The world of New Jersey divorce law is very complicated. Don’t be fooled into believing that you can handle your own divorce case. If you are considering filing for a divorce case, then you should always retain an experienced and […]

Defending Against Alimony Reduction/Termination Motions

1.  I am locked in a vicious legal battle against my cheap ex-husband. He is trying to have my alimony payments reduced/terminated because I am finally back to work, and I am now earning a decent living. What is the best case that I can cite to the court? Every ex-husband hates to pay alimony, […]

Should I be awarded open durational alimony alimony or limited duration alimony?

1. I was married for 11 years and I am now getting a divorce. My husband insists that I should only receive limited duration alimony. However, I insist that I should receive open durational alimony. Who is right here? Each alimony case stands on it’s own individual facts. Moreover, let’s get real here; Some judges […]
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