FERPA and College Contribution

1. My son has refused to provide me with a copy of his grades/transcript from the Middlesex County College. Do I still have to pay for child support and college contribution if my son refuses to give me a copy of his grades/college transcript? New Jersey divorced parents who help pay for their child’s college […]

What Constitutes Full-Time College Enrollment/Attendance?

What Constitutes Full-Time College Enrollment? 1. How do the courts defense full-time college enrollment? In the world of family court, a common issue is whether “sonny boy” or your daughter is a full time student. This question often becomes a game of “cat and mouse.” If your child is a full time student then you […]

Alimony Reduction Based on Disability

Alimony Reduction Based on a Disability 1. Can I have my alimony reduced because I was declared disabled? Yes you certainly have a reasonable chance to win your alimony reduction motion shot. A recent illustrative case is Widney v. Widney, DOCKET NO. A-0128-09T3. Here, the husband filed a motion to reduce his alimony because he […]

Emancipation Because of Poor Grades

1. Can I emancipate my child because he is “bombing out” of community college with poor grades? A very common scenario is when child starts bombing out of community college or a four-year college, and then noncustodial parents then wants to try to emancipate the child. Thus, the vexing issue is whether a noncustodial parent […]

Retroactive College Contribution

Retroactive College Contribution 1. Are there legal grounds to file a motion for retroactive college contribution? This is a great issue that arises in most college contribution motions. In many college contribution cases they really turn into a massive civil litigation with “big bucks” on the line. Quite often the divorced father has moved on […]

When Should You File a Motion for College Contribution?

Any motion for college contribution  should be filed before your child starts college. This is a “no brainer.” In the recent seminal case of Gac v. Gac, 186 N.J. 535 (2006), the noncustodial parent was not consulted as to the selection of a college, or as to how the tuition and room and board for […]

Domestic “Contretemps” Are Not Domestic Violence

1. Are domestic contretemps a type of domestic violence? A major issue in many domestic violence cases is whether ordinary family arguing and fighting constitutes harassment under the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. The vast majority of DV cases are based under the charge of simple harassment. As explained in my other articles domestic […]

College Saving Plans and Divorce

1. What is a 529 plan? A 529 plan is simply a tax deferred college savings plan. The number 529 refers to the section of the IRS code that has established college savings plans. A 529 plan is a tax-free account that can be established up for the benefit of a child. When the time […]

Engagement Rings and Divorce

1. I just broke up with my long time boyfriend. He gave me a $10,000 engagement ring. Do I have to give the ring back to my former no good boyfriend? Yes, you are legally required to give the ring back to your boyfriend. An engagement ring is not an asset subject to equitable distribution […]
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