Service of the Complaint Forms

  • Summons
    • A summons must be attached to every divorce complaint when it is served on the defendant.
  • Confidential Litigant Info Sheet
    • A confidential litigant info sheet must be attached to all divorce complaints and answers. This form is used to effectuate any income withholdings for any child support or spousal support garnishment orders.
  • Acknowledgement of Service
    • Once the complaint is filed then the defendant must be served by the Sheriff or by a process server. There are many companies in New Jersey that will serve the complaint for a fee of about $75. The most efficient and the most used company is called Guaranteed Subpoena. If the defendant lives out of State, then the fee to serve the defendant is usually about $100.If the defendant is willing to sign a form called an acknowledgment of service, then the plaintiff can save the service fees. The acknowledgment of service must be executed by the defendant before a notary.



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